We can make your home a SMART HOME with advanced technology from the top company's in the industry.

Never worry again if you left the lights or what you left the thermostat set at. Even set the AWAY button when you leave and your SMART HOME will set your thermostat, close curtains, turn lights on or off, Lock your doors, etc.  


Home automation
Network / Wi-Fi
Thermostat and Smoke detectors

I remember my first piece of audio equipment. It was an Akai stereo receiver my cousin Joe gave to me for helping him with his paper route. This thing had cool digital display and you adjusted the volume by moving your finger along a touch pad. I had no speakers so I applied for my first line of credit from dad. I was able to get a pair of Jensen Stereo speaker with 15" woofers and an Akai dual cassette player.

At 1 Touch Audio Video are passion for audio and technology go back more then three decades.



Whole Home Audio

Home Theater

2 Channel Audio

Sound Control


Home Theater

Video Distribution

Video Wall

TV Installation

Video Surveillance